WWE NXT Results (2/14): WWE UK & NXT Women's Championships On The Line, TM61 Thunderous, Dream

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After last week's interview, it appears NXT newcomer and overall bad-ass Shayna Baszler will be challenging Ember Moon for the NXT Women's Championship. Will Baszler's star keep rising, or will Moon Eclipse Shayna from the title scene? We'll also see the newest 205 Live superstar Roderick Strong vie for the WWE UK Title against Pete Dunne. Find out all this and more tonight on NXT!

- Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show and we get right to the action as the UK Title is on the line.

Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne (c)--WWE UK Championship Match

They get the spotlight treatment as the competitors are introduced. The bell rings and they immediately tie up. Fairly clean break, size each other up, and another lock up. Dunne goes for an arm breaker, Strong counters, Dunne slips out. Quick stare down ensues as we go to our first break.

We're back and action has spilled to the outside. Dunne going to has back of tricks early with joint manipulation and stomps on the mangled fingers of Strong onto the steel steps. He takes Strong into another corner for a repeat offense, but Strong counters and drops Dunne back first into the corner of the steps. Strong rolls the champ back in the ring as he can't win by count out. Cover for a two. He maintains ground control until Dunne knees out of a hold. Pump handle back breaker by Strong for a two. Dunne staying close to the ropes to thwart any attacks at arms' reach. Strong sets Dunne in the corner for a chop but Dunne sends a receipt. Another back breaker. Dunne back up. They head up top and Dunne knocks him to the ground hitting face first. Dunne adding insult to injury with a diving kick. They fight on the apron and Strong drops him back first on the apron. Both men down as we go to our second break.

We're back and Strong in control, even grabbing the hair of the champ. Dunne staves off an attack with an enziguri sending Strong to the opposite side of the ring. This gives him space for momentum for a big elbow. Strong whips Dunne to the corner but the champ flips out of the way and hits a kick. Dunne applies an arm bar but twists it into a joint manipulative submission and stomps it out. Sit out power bomb from Dunne for a long two. Dunne settling for disrespectful tactics with simple kicks to the head, but only ticks off the challenger. Dunne takes him down again after a missed knee, heads up top, but meets a huge drop kick on the descent. Two count. Chops and running forearm by Strong. Pinning combos and reversals from both men. Strong catches Dunne for a back breaker. Strong goes for another power move but unable to hold on due to the injured hand and fingers. Dunne blocks a back breaker, pushes Strong to the turnbuckle, bounces back for a half and half suplex for a two. Dunne visibly frustrated that the American won't give up. Strong rolls Dunne up into a triangle, appears to go for a cover, but ends up deadlifting him instead and catapults him into the top rope head first. Huge Olympic slam by Roddy, covers, one, two, NO! A pair of knees by Strong but another kickout by the champ. Dunne able to find the energy for an X Plex. Strong up and counters with a knee, power bomb, cover for a two. Turns it directly into a Boston crab but Dunne slaps the injured hand to release the hold. He picks Strong up for the Bitter End out of nowhere for the win and retention.

Winner & STILL WWE UK Champion: Pete Dunne

- Gargano vs. Almas for the NXT Championship announced for next week. If Johnny loses, he leaves NXT.

- Recap of last week's Almas/Gargano encounter on how we got to the aforementioned match.

- The media catches up with Velveteen Dream. He has no comments about Kassius Ohno. He takes on No Way Jose next week and says Jose brings the fiesta an the Dream brings the experience. He refers to Tyler Bate calling him out but won't confirm a match.

- A suit-clad Aleister Black comes to the ring through the abyss of Centre Stage. Black says there's now a devil on his back as a driving force, and that devil is the NXT Championship. As he continues, Killian Dain's music hits and plods his way to the ring. Dain says the devil isn't on Black's back, but he is. He says he won't stop until he has the title around his waist. Dain walks away after his strong words, but Black calls him by name and walks to him. Black says that Dain crossed him, so he must now fade to black. Dain seems excited about this news and smiles on his way to the back.

TM61 vs. John Skyler & Andrew Duckworth

Miller and Skyler start us off and the Aussies start off hot. Tag to Thorn who lands a big right. Belly to back suplex, Euro uppercut. Skyler fights back and attacks the previously injured knee. Duckworth now in and receives a drop kick. Miller back in, struggles with Skyler a moment until a DDT. He proceeds to clean house, makes the tag, and TM61 hits their finisher for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: TM61

- We go right back to the ring for the Women's Title match.

Shayna Baszler vs. Ember Moon (c)--NXT Women's Championship

Ember with KT Tape on her left shoulder, which may as well be a bulls eye. Nice response for both ladies as they also get the spotlight treatment for the intros. Action starting hot as blazes as Moon goes to town on the former MMA competitor. Clubbing blows, step up enziguri, pump kick. Ember goes up top early looking for the Eclipse, but the challenger smartly rolls out of the ring. Moon hits a tope suicida into the announce desk and re-injures her own arm in the process. Almost a double count out but Baszler rolls her adversary back in the ring. Beautiful double wrist lock by Baszler, releases, and stomps on the injured arm. Back into the wrist lock, but Moon stacks her up just like TakeOver but Baszler ready for it this time. Arm bar applied by Baszler, who twists it for extra torque. Moon makes the ropes for the break. Baszler tosses Moon like a rag doll into the ring post and bounces all the way outside. Baszler traps Moon's arm in the outside metal barricade and won't release. Kairi Sane is tired of the bullying and takes out Baszler with a flying forearm and then tosses her outside after a flurry of shots. Baszler tries to come back in and retaliate, but Sane hits a sick spear.

Winner via DQ: Shayna Baszler, but STILL NXT Women's Champion: Ember Moon


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