As we mentioned earlier, former WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd was set for neck surgery today. That surgery was successful, and Kidd is now awake following the procedure.

Kidd's wife Natalya was by his side, and the two were joined by current WWE Tag Team Champion Titus O'Neil. Natalya has been off the road in the weeks since Kidd's injuries, in order to care for her husband.

The injury occurred during a dark match with new WWE talent Samoa Joe. According to Bret Hart, the two didn't have much time to go over the match. Kidd sustained a neck injury during a Muscle Buster from Joe, which most believe to be just a freak accident. Bret Hart however, criticized the move and called it reckless.

The neck surgery was similar to the one that Edge, Steve Austin, Rhyno, Lita and Chris Benoit had, in that is was a fusion. The typical recovery time for that injury is well over a year, but usually 14 months. This is a tough break for Kidd, who also sustained a torn ACL a couple years ago. In the last three months, the WWE has lost the Uso Brothers, Cesaro & Kidd and Harper & Rowan from their tag division due to injuries splitting the teams up.

You can see a photo that Natalya and Titus posted below:

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