AEW star Matt Hardy had a Twitter exchange on Sunday with WWE RAW Superstars The Viking Raiders.

The exchange came after Hardy posted a clip from The Broken Hardys vs. The Viking Raiders, then known as War Machine. The match took place on July 17, 2016 in Oklahoma City, OK at Imperial Wrestling Revolution's OklaMania 2016 Tag 2 event. Matt teamed with brother Jeff Hardy to defeat Erik and Ivar, then known as Ray Rowe and Hanson.

Hardy wrote, "This clip recently resurfaced.. A few years ago in Oklahoma, the #BROKEN Hardys had an experience with The Viking Raiders. They're a TREMENDOUS team & it was a helluva match!"

Erik responded and tweeted, "Until we meet again my friend. @MATTHARDYBRAND @JEFFHARDYBRAND @Ivar_WWE #jointheraid"

Hardy wrote back, "I anxiously await that meeting."

Ivar also tweeted and said The Vikings still want their rematch.

He wrote, "We are still awaiting our rematch #JoinTheRaid @MATTHARDYBRAND @JEFFHARDYBRAND @Erik_WWE"

"One day..," Matt wrote back.

Jeff has not commented on the exchange as of this writing. You can see the full tweets from Matt, Erik and Ivar below: