After spending much of the last 14 years on the road, Kofi Kingston has used the extra time at home these days to connect with family. During these uncertain times, the SmackDown tag team champion sees this as the silver lining.

"I've taught my son how to play chess. We've been playing checkers. We've been playing War with the cards, Go Fish. Just having a lot of fun," Kingston told Wrestling Inc. "When we look back on these days, this part of it being home and being able to spend this quantity and quality time with the family for sure. Even before we had kids, I was still traveling on the road. So to be able to spend time home with my wife is awesome. Being able to help her out around the house.

"Being able to help her with the kids. If she has things she needs to do, I can just take the kids and allow her to have that time. It's okay. I'm trying to make the best of it like I feel like everybody should. I'm trying to find the glass half full scenario and try to find that optimistic and positive outlook on everything because things will go back to normal at some point in time. We'll all be back on our feet."

The veteran member of the New Day does leave the house for work as WWE continues to produce programming. The company has been filming shows at the Performance Center without a crowd while adhering to CDC guidelines.

"We do take a lot of pride in providing this escapism for people because I do think it's important to allow people to think about something else besides what is going on," Kingston said. "We want to provide a sense of normalcy, provide something that puts smiles on people's faces. We need that. If we're on just news lines all day, there is so much negativity out there. Maybe rightfully so because of all the uncertainty, and we don't' really know what's going on.

"There should be some positive stuff out there. I take a lot of pride being part of the positivity out there. When we talk about the power of positivity all the time, for us it's more than a gimmick. We really try to embody that in all aspects of our life. We are in the position where we can give people a sense of positivity and happiness. We enjoy doing that."

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