Tonight at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston and Big E defend against familiar foes The Miz and John Morrison, as well as the Forgotten Sons and the Lucha House Party. Kingston likes having the mix of new blood in the tag division.

"I think the tag division is in a really special spot right now," Kingston told Wrestling Inc. "There aren't a whole lot of teams on the SmackDown roster, but I love all the elements of this fatal four-way. You have myself and E who are really greedy when it comes to championships. We want to win all the titles. We don't want to let them go. Then you have Morrison and Miz. Morrison just came back after being gone for like a decade. Already he has become a champion. Now they've lost the titles to us and it hasn't been that long a reign for them. They want to get it back. They want to do all the obnoxious things they do on the 'Dirt Sheet.' The hey, hey, ho, how all over the place.

"Then you have my favorite elements in the Lucha House Party and the Forgotten Sons. The Lucha House Party is a team who has been trying to get an opportunity for so long. They are so incredibly talented. The moves they do and way they're able to do them so seamlessly, seeing it in person, it is a spectacle. All they need is a shot. This may be this shot. You saw a snippet of what they can do in the Elimination Chamber. They had so many highlights, probably more than anyone in the match. They are just guys who have been working for so long and so hard to get their chance.

"The Forgotten Sons are guys who have this big chip on their shoulder. They are ex-Marines who just want to let people know who they are. When you have that attitude and something to prove, that's when you're at your best. We want people to face us at their best. I think all the elements are there for a great match. I really can't wait to have that one. We'll see how it all goes. Hopefully, it ends up with us on top. You have a lot of combustible elements to make it really cool."

Kingston also can't wait to see what comes of the Money in the Bank match this year involving six women and six men at WWE headquarters. It's a first for many reasons. For the superstar, it takes climbing a ladder to a whole new level.

"A positive of this pandemic is it has forced us to have these unique matches with the Firefly Fun House and Boneyard Match. Now you have people who are not just climbing the ladder. You're climbing at corporate headquarters in Connecticut," he said.

"There are so many different things you can use in the. That's what I'm thinking. What can I use that can be different? There is so much that can make the matter unique. Then you have to climb this ladder at the very top of the roof. I would probably pull for Otis. I would love to see that because he is such a likable guy. Even in person, what you see on TV that's Otis in real life. Every conversation I have with him I'm laughing, belly laughing. Who knows? For the girls, I don't even want to pick anyone. I really don't. I don't know. I won't pick. It's going to be good regardless."

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