As seen above, TMZ Sports recently caught up with WWE SmackDown Superstar Alexa Bliss at the airport.

Bliss was asked about her pet pig, Larry Steve, and why he has two first names.

"Because he's Southern," Bliss said. "So, he has two first names. I got him from Nashville, so I couldn't figure out whether to name him Larry or Steve, so I said, 'Why not both?'"

Bliss said having a pet pig is kind of like having a 4 year old child that always throws temper tantrums, especially if you don't feed them at the same time every day. Bliss said Larry Steve is a "very vegan" pig that loves carrots.

Bliss made some tweets back on New Year's Eve about how fans were "liking" a photo of her rear end more than they were "liking" photos of Larry Steve on social media. She was asked about the tweets.

"Well, you know, here's the thing. I think Larry's a lot cuter than my butt," Bliss said. "So, I feel like he needs to get all the 'likes' in the world."

For those who missed it, you can see the previous tweets below. Bliss wrote at the time, shortly after sharing a photo of her backside, "I'm not really a fan of the fact that a pic of my booty shorts got WAAAAYYY more 'likes' than any pics of my pups or pig..."

Bliss also said she would 100% recommend a pig to someone looking for a new pet. She said they live to be around 25 years old, and are a real commitment. She also said "no!" to turning the pig to breakfast if the pet relationship doesn't work out.

"I love having a pig. I think it's great," Bliss said.

Bliss responded to the TMZ headline on Twitter and wrote, "I mean, I'm not wrong [rolling on the floor laughing emoji] [pig nose emoji]"

Below is the full tweet from Bliss, along with the related pig tweets from New Year's Eve: