Former ECW champion The Sandman ran into trouble recently when he criticized women's wrestling and said women shouldn't be main eventing. Jordynne Grace was the one who revealed Sandman's comments while Sandman himself denies ever speaking to Grace.

Sandman also said he only talked to Taya Valkyrie at a recent show and it was about helping her with her match, not criticizing women's wrestling. Grace responded to Sandman when she joined Busted Open Radio.

"He did not just say it to Taya, and that was not the only thing he said. I did not go into the whole conversation on social media because it's a 10-minute back and forth thing that went on. It was me, Taya and Tessa all standing around talking, The Sandman came up to Taya and asked what match she was in and she said that she was in the last match," recalled Grace.

"He responded, 'The main event?' She said, yeah, the main event. He said, 'Excuse me?' We all just stared at him because we didn't know that he was joking or not, and he responded with, 'You know that is wrong, right?' He looked at every one of us. Then he started talking about the women's WrestleMania match and how bad it was and then Tessa, she is a little bit more outspoken, I was in shock, and she tried to start talking. He cut her off, stuck out his hand and said, 'Oh, I'm The Sandman by the way.'

"She responded with, 'Oh, and I'm Tessa Blanchard.' He responded with how he respects her family so much while continuing to sh*t on women's wrestling, they both go back and forth. Rosemary walks up and we tell her what The Sandman just said and we're all standing there listening to him argue about women's wrestling with Tessa. He throws up his hands, walks away and about two minutes later comes back and says, 'Excuse me, ladies, I went around the locker room and told a bunch of people with over 200 years of wrestling experience and all agree with me that women main eventing is wrong.' Tessa Blanchard and he went back and forth a little bit more. She told him how disrespectful he was and he clearly didn't care. He comes on [Busted Open Radio] and is lying through his teeth to save face now."

Sandman refutes that Grace was part of the conversation he had but Grace contends that he was aware that she was standing there.

"We weren't just around; we were standing right in front of him in a line," Grace said before being asked if she perhaps embellished any part of the story.

"I have zero reasons to lie about this and go on social media and basically sh*t on ECW legends, someone I used to watch on TV. So, for him to say that I was in complete shock."

Grace was then asked why she went to social media with Sandman's comments instead of just telling him off then and there.

"I said [to Sandman] just watch the main event, so I feel like that was a more respectful way to say that. He didn't watch the main event so that was why I decided to post what I did on social media," stated Grace.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.