The OC vs. The Viking Raiders and Braun Strowman

We go to the ring and out first comes The OC - Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar, are out next for this six-man match. They stop and wait for their mystery tag team partner. Braun Strowman is out next.

Ivar starts off with Anderson and they go at it. Ivar runs over Anderson early with a big shoulder. Ivar takes Anderson down and works on his shoulder. Ivar drops Anderson with another shoulder. Gallows comes in for the double team but it back-fires as Anderson gets dropped. Ivar fights off AJ and Gallows now. Ivar goes to the top but rolls through. Erik tags in and goes at it with Gallows now. Erik with a big dropkick into the corner. Erik launches Gallows with a big throw. AJ ends up getting involved and cutting Erik off, laying him out on the floor.

Erik returns to the ring but Gallows nails a big kick to the head. Gallows with a big fall-away slam. Gallows works Erik over and takes him to the corner. AJ tags in for the double team with Gallows but Erik tosses Gallows to the floor. AJ rocks Erik and then Ivar. Braun grabs AJ's punch and brings him down. Gallows brings Braun off the apron and drops him. AJ with a pele kick to Erik for a 2 count. AJ keeps Erik down with strikes in the middle of the ring.

Anderson tags back in and keeps Erik on the ropes. Erik fights off Anderson and Gallows. Anderson with a big Spinebuster to Erik for a 2 count. Erik drops Anderson with a forearm. AJ tags in and knocks Ivar off the apron before the tag. Erik with a big backdrop to AJ. Braun finally returns to the apron as fans pop.

Braun tags in and unloads on all three opponents. Braun goes to work on AJ and splashes him in the corner. Braun runs around the ring and hits Gallows first, then Anderson then AJ, all with big shoulder blocks. Fans cheer Braun on as he brings AJ back in. Braun charges but hits the ring post as AJ moves. AJ takes Braun down with a chop block. AJ with the Calf Crusher on Braun now. Erik runs in with a knee to AJ. Anderson attacks but Erik sends him out. Gallows boots Erik but Ivar takes hum out. AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm to Ivar. Anderson and Gallows take out Braun after he hits AJ. The referee calls for the bell after they take turns on him.

Winners by DQ: Braun Strowman and The Viking Raiders

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