WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with FOX Sports, commenting on NXT moving away from being a development territory to the third brand in WWE.

"NXT has grown so much," said Cole. "Before people would call it a developmental brand and now without a doubt, it is the third brand of WWE. This move to the USA Network really proves that NXT is the third brand. Some people used to call moving to RAW or SmackDown moving up and to me now it is just moving.

"People may move from NXT to RAW or SmackDown, people from SmackDown or RAW may move to NXT. It's a really exciting time for WWE but specifically for NXT."

During the interview, Cole also spoke about going head to head with AEW when their show debuts on TNT on Wednesday, October 2.

"I can tell you this," Cole explained. "I don't mean to speak for them, but I have a strong feeling this is how they feel, because I know at NXT we have a strong focus on making sure it is the best possible show that we can make it on Wednesday's and that's all we have the energy to focus on.

"And I'm sure those guys feel the exact same way. So, in turn, of course, it's exciting for the wrestling fans, they get to compare, to watch both events, which is awesome, but they're focused on making sure their show rules and I know we're focused on making ours rule. And in turn, it's really exciting for everybody.

"The move to Wednesday nights mean so many more eyes to, in my opinion, see the most exciting brand in sports entertainment."

With WWE having RAW and SmackDown already on TV, Cole was also asked about how he feels NXT can stand out from the crowd.

"In certain scenarios it's really cool to have a guy from NXT to show up on RAW or someone from SmackDown to go to NXT or vice versa," Cole said. "But generally, I think it's really important for the brands to differentiate and separate themselves as their own individual shows.

"There are small differences in RAW to SmackDown, small differences in SmackDown to NXT, and that's why I think having three brands is exciting, because whatever style if wrestling you're into, whatever type of wrestling you like, you get all of that with WWE now.

"So it's important those brands stay true to who they are separate from the other shows."

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