Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of GCW Crime Wave, streaming live via Fite.tv. Tonight's event takes place at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Show opens with loud "GCW" chants from the crowd. Scott Sereny and Danny Havoc are on commentary and welcome us to Crime Wave. Opening contest is announced as a "f**k fest," and scheduled for one-fall. Grim Reefer is out first, followed by his opponents...Pinkie Sanchez, Facade, Wheeler Yuta, Brandon Kirk, and Kit Osbourne. Osbourne grabs a microphone to the dismay of the live crowd. He says that GCW is where he belongs, and he wanted his match to be on first before the crowd gets drunk and stupid.

Grim Reefer versus Pinkie Sanchez versus Facade versus Wheeler Yuta versus Brandon Kirk versus Kit Osbourne in a F**k Fest

Everyone superkicks Osbourne after he finishes his promo. Big brawl to start. In the ring Yuta locks in an octopus stretch, then lands a crucifix bomb to Kirk. Kirk fires back with a pop-up powerbomb and a spike piledriver. Sanchez goes after Yuta with chops. Frankensteiner and Spanish-Fly in succession from Sanchez. Facade grabs Sanchez's arm and uses the ropes to hit an arm-drag. Springboard enziguri by Facade. Osbourne surprises Facade with a running blockbuster. Reefer with a powerslam on Osbourne. He walks the ropes...Osbourne with an uppercut...he jumps up...Reefer with a Russian-Leg sweep out of nowhere! Yuta tosses Reefer to ringside...plancha from Yuta! Sanchez goes for a suicide dive but Kirk cuts him off. Burning hammer! Osbourne and Kirk stare each other down. Osbourne gains control, then hit a curb stomp. Reefer comes from behind again...burning hammer into the turnbuckle! Missile dropkick by Yuta! Action all over the place!

Sanchez and Yuta go at it again. Sanchez strings together his offense, landing a springboard dropkick to drop Yuta to the mat. Facade tries to sneak up on Sanchez...Sanchez hits a springboard DDT. Reefer suplexes Sanchez to the arena floor from inside the ring! He grabs a ladder and climbs...Swanton misses! Facade goes takes out the lot with a springboard 450 to the outside. Back in the ring...Facade nails Kirk with a superkick. He climbs...walks the ropes...coast-to-coast. He jacknife gets the pin.

Facade wins the F**k Fest by pinfall

The next match is also announced for one-fall. Gringo Loco makes his way to the ring. He'll be facing Ophidian in a singles-bout.

Gringo Loco versus Ophidian

Tie-up. Loco goes for an early back suplex but Ophidian lands on his feet. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling from both men. Loco charges Ophidian in the corner...Ophidian pops over...spin kick to the Loco's gut. He charges Loco in the opposite corner but Loco pops over and flips twice. Crowd with a round of applause. Ophidian shows off his athleticism with a twisting arm-drag. He follows that up with a springboard headscissor but walks into a big chop from Loco. He yells "no more flipping" at the audience. Loco corners Ophidian...big overhand chop. Ophidian fires one back...he eats a superkick from Loco. Ophidian with another lucha-esque arm-drag. To the apron...Ophidian lands a shin to the head...springboard cartwheel arm-drag sends Loco to the outside. Suicide dive by Ophidian! He is firmly in control.

Back in the ring...Ophidian climbs...Loco ducks and catches Ophidian bouncing off the ropes with a pop-up sit-out powerbomb. Cover...Ophidian kicks out. Gory special by Loco...he turns it into a flatliner! Another cover...Ophidian kicks out again. Submission applied by Loco. He tries ripping off Ophidian's mask but the referee gets him to stop. Ophidian takes advantage landing several strikes to Loco's chest. Ophidian off the ropes...Loco slows him down with a single-leg dropkick. He tries pinning Ophidian's shoulders to the mat...Ophidian bridges out...then jumps off the ropes and takes Loco down with a frankensteiner! Running frankensteiner sends Loco to ringside. Ophidian runs off the bar...Swanton! Both men are down!

Ophidian rolls Loco back in...he goes for another frankensteiner but Loco catches him...buckle bomb! Middle-rope cutter! Pinfall attempt...Ophidian escapes at two. Superkick to Ophidian's gut...twisting tombstone! Ophidian gets a shoulder up again! Loco can't believe it. He goes to the apron and climbs the ropes...Ophidian meets him with an enziguri...Loco dazed on the ropes...Ophidian climbs...tope rope frankensteiner! Reverse sunset bomb from Ophidian nearly wins it! He goes to the outside and throws a door into the ring! He also throws in a couple of chairs. He sets the door up in the corner...big chops to Loco...he's right up on the door...Ophidian charges but Loco moves! Ophidian to the top...Loco meets him up top for a superplex...FALCON ARROW FROM THE TOP! Loco doesn't make the pin right away...Ophidian kicks out when he does. Loco sets up two chair, then takes the door to assemble a make-shift table. Loco places Ophidian on the top rope for another superplex...Ophidian hits a headbutt...METEORA ONTO THE TABLE. It does NOT break! Ophidian with the cover...Loco is out.

Ophidian wins by pinfall

Following the match, Ophidian shows Gringo Loco a sign of respect by helping him up. Crowd chants for them to kiss...Ophidian kisses Loco on the forehead! They leave the ring together.

Next up...Marko Stunt takes on Jimmy Lloyd. Stunt is out first to Pat Benetar's We Belong. The entire crowd claps along. Lloyd's music is not as exciting, but he gets a nice reaction. The ref helps Stunt take his shirt off.

Marko Stunt versus Jimmy Lloyd

Tie-up. Lloyd with a hammerlock. Stunt plays to the crowd while in the hold, angering Lloyd who lets go. Second tie-up Stunt scores a takedown and a crucifix pin. Lloyd escapes...gets to his feet...pump kick! He throws Stunt into the turnbuckles and charges...Stunt sends him to the apron...eniguri knocks him to the floor. Lower-rope suicide dive by Stunt! He smashes a chair over Lloyd's back. Lloyd picks up a beer can and smashes it off Stunt's head. Stunt goes for a running PK on the apron but Lloyd catches his foot and slams him off the apron. Lloyd reaches under the ring...HE PULLS OUT A BOARD COVERED IN SCISSORS. He sets it up in the corner...Stunt with a roll-up! Two count! Saito suplex from Stunt, followed by a running knee! Another two count. Lloyd picks up Stunt in a fireman's carry and aims at the scissor board...Stunt turns it into a poison frankensteiner! Lloyd catches Stunt...Razor's Edge attempt...Stunt with a code-red! He picks up the scissor board and places it over Lloyd who is laying down in the corner. Stunt charges...Lloyd picks it up and uses it as a weapon! Stunt dodges! He places Lloyd on top of the scissor and tries to smash him with a chair...Lloyd moves and the board breaks! Lloyd picks up the scissors and tries to cut Stunt's hair! Stunt blocks it...superkick from Lloyd! Stunt bounces back with a lariat! Both men are down! Stunt tries to spike the scissors onto Lloyd...Lloyd grabs them and stabs Stunt on the forehead! Roundhouse kick, tiger driver, and a spinning piledriver net Lloyd the win.

Jimmy Lloyd wins by pinfall

Feed temporarily went out. When it returned...Mance Warner is in the ring for the evening's next bout. He battles SHLAK in a grudge match.

Mance Warner versus SHLAK

Brawl to start. Shlak grabs a staple gun...HE STAPLES WARNER'S TONGUE! He takes him to the opposite corner...and staples his tongue to the turnbuckle! German suplex from Shlak rips the staple out! Shlak with a Northern-Lights suplex and a pin...Warner kicks out. Shlak methodically tears at Warner's face to deepen the cut on his tongue. Warner bites his hands...they start trading slaps. Shlak goes to the outside and tosses some chairs into the ring. He sets them up...Warner takes advantage and spinebusters Shlak through them! He spits in his hands and eye pokes Shlak...it has no effect on Shlak! He grabs Warner by the throat...chokeslam! Fight spills to the outside...Warner sets up a door across the bottom apron and chairs from the crowd. Tornado DDT onto the door...IT DOESN"T BREAK AGAIN. Warner sets Shlak on the apron...another DDT through the door! He rolls him into the ring...pin attempt but Shlak escapes. Shlak bleeding pretty badly. Warner grabs a gusset plate and uses it as a weapon. He sets up another door up in the opposing turnbuckle...SHLAK WITH A SPEAR TO WARNER THROUGH THE DOOR! Warner kicks out! Shlak pounds a kenin into Warner's head then puts a plastic bag over his head suffocating him! Sidewalk slam from Shlak...somehow Warner is out at two. He gets to his feet...running lariat! Both men are down! "This is awesome chants" from the crowd.

Shlak, covered in blood, smashes a chair over Warner's head. Feed goes down again or a second...when it returns Warner is chokeslamming Shlak through a table off the top rope! Shlak gets right to his feet...Warner smashes him over the head with three chair shots. Running knee from Warner...Shlak finally stays down.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

Afterwards SHLAK rips the needles out of Warner's head, and gives him a headbutt. Both are a bloody mess. Warner grabs a beer and cheers the audience.

Ring announcer informs the crowd that Crime Wave will be taking a brief intermission to clean up the ring.

Following the break...Colby Corino makes his way out for our next match. He battles Homicide. Homicide gets on the microphone and calls out Steve Corino and says he's going to put a hurting on his son.

Homicide versus Colby Corino

Corino unloads strikes on Homicide to start. Referee has to pull him back. Huge uppercut by Corino drops Homicide to the ground. Running knee from Corino. Homicide fires back with a powerslam. Corino angrily gets back to his feet but gets dropped to the apron by Homicide. Homicide knocks Corino off with a forearm...Corino to the top and double-stomp's Homicide arm. He charges Homicide...Homicide catches him with a Saito suplex, tossing Corino into the corner turnbuckles. Homicide is now in full control.

Homicide places a dazed Corino into the corner and lays into his chest with knife edge chops. Homicide plays to the crowd for too long giving Corino an opportunity to land a few strikes of his own. Homicide retakes control and places Corino on the top...superplex! Homicide with another suplex...he goes for the three amigos...Corino blocks the last one...jumping armbreaker! Corino goes for a piledriver but Homicide lifts him off the ground...Alabama slam! He yanks at Corino's ear and screams at the camera. Corino with a comeback. A vicious combination of strikes! To the apron...Corino hits an eniguri. He climbs...meteora! Cover...Homicide kicks out. Roll up from Homicide! Kick out...huge lariat by Homicide decapitates Corino! Corino fires back with a quick flurry...he picks Homicide up...DVD into the corner! Another one to the mat with a cover...Homicide escapes! Corino transitions into an armbar...Homicide in trouble...he breaks the hold. Gory driver from Homicide...he has the match won but picks Corino up to deal more damage. STF applied...Corino looks out of it...a girl jumps up on the apron...she is Steve Corino's granddaughter...she throws in the towel and the match is stopped.

Homicide wins via referee stoppage

Homicide calls Corino's granddaughter a whore...then reapplies the STF onto Corino. The ref tries to break it up...he gets tossed to ringside by Homicide, who continues to punish Corino. Eventually he lets go...taunts the crowd...and leaves the ring.

The next match will also be one-fall. Dustin Thomas, aka no-legs, makes his way to the ring. He faces KTB.

KTB versus Dustin Thomas

Thomas takes KTB down with an ankle-lock attempt...KTB tosses Thomas into the turbuckle. Drop-toe hold by Thomas...he builds up speed...cannonball! KTB rolls to ringside...Thomas climbs to the top...plancha onto KTB! Thomas goes for a springboard maneuver back in the ring...KTB catches him and delivers a suplex toss that sends Thomas across the ring. Ground and pound by KTB. He places Thomas in the corner...running shoulder block, followed by a spinning gutbuster. KTB with a lazy cover...Thomas manages to sneak a shoulder out. Thomas lands a few strikes from the ground but KTB throws him up in the air...Thomas catches him with DDT on the way down! Another springboard attempt from KTB...he goes for a top rope fallaway slam...Thomas shifts his weight and hits a Canadian destroyer! Crowd goes nuts! Thomas with a pin...KTB kicks out. 619 attempt by Thomas...KTB catches him again...powerslam. Lionsault by KTB nearly wins it. He climbs to the top...Thomas meets him up there...superplex! 619 lands! Thomas drops the dime! He got em!

Dustin Thomas wins by pinfall

Following the match...Thomas and KTB shake hands. Thomas climbs the ropes to celebrate...crowd showers him with cheers.

Title matchup is next...which means it's Nick Gage time bay bay! The challenger Conor Claxton is out first, with the champ coming out second to a huge ovation. Gage rallies the crowd up by cursing out the CZW owner. Here we go...

Nick Gage versus Conor Claxton for the GCW championship

Brawl to start. Gage with a powerbomb. He sets up a door in the corner...and tosses Claxton right through it! Gage grabs a pizza cutter and slices open Claxton's head. Claxton is bleeding all over the place. Gage sets up two chairs back-to-back...he places Claxton on the top rope for a superplex attempt...Claxton blocks it and they both fall to the mat. Claxton with a firemans carry...DVD onto the chairs, which had fallen over. Gage slides to the outside...suicide dive from Claxton! He throws Gage back into the ring. Claxton plays to the crowd...Gage takes advantage of the distraction and hits a spinebuster. He has his manager hand him another door and sets it up in the corner...Gage throws him through it but it doesn't break. Again and it doesn't break. He breaks it himself and uses it as a weapon...Claxton picks up the other piece...they trade head shots with the door! Huge forearms back and forth...backslide pin by Claxton...Gage just kicks out! Gage back drops Claxton out of the ring and onto the venue stairs! Crowd screams "holy sh*t." Back in the ring...running corner knee. Gage picks up the door and smases Claxton over the head...Gage hits his finisher...that'll do it.

Nick Gage wins by pinfall

Following the match Gage cuts a promo cutting putting over GCW and their fan-base.

Main event time! Tony Deppen is out first...followed by GCW all-star...Joey Janela.

Joey Janela versus Tony Deppen

Tie-up. Janela forces Deppen into the corner...ref has to break the hold. Deppen lands a kick during a knuckle-lock. Headlock takedown. Nice sequence of counters and flips from both men. Huge dropkick from Deppen. Brawl ensues. Janela ties Deppen up in the tree-of-woe...Janela blows snot into Deppen's face! Deppen runs out of the ring and is furious. Deppen gets back in the ring...huge shots from both men in the center...Deppen wins the exchange with a three-hit combo. Janela responds with a gutwrench face-buster. Fight spills to the outside. Crowd has to separate as they travel deep in...Janela lands a series of forearms. They jump back into the ring...Deppen bounces off the ropes with a suicide dive! Deppen with a cover...two count.

Now in control...Deppen grounds Janela with a snapmare. He shoves his foot into Janela's throat. Mounted punches to the back of Janela's head! Janela gets to his feet...huge slap to Deppen's face. Back to the outside...Deppen misses a double-axe handle from the apron. Janela slams Deppen off a post on the outside. Back in the ring...Janela blocks a mid-rope codebreaker...Janela applies the Boston crab...he has it in deep! Deppen in trouble...he gets to the ropes. Janelas stomps Deppen down in the corner. Huge chops to the corner. Deppen catches Janela's head...flipping DDT! Cover...Janela just gets a shoulder up. Deppen climbs...he misses an elbow...Michinoku driver from Janela. He picks Deppen up for a package piledriver...quick sequence of counters...both men battle with a backslide attempt...Janela with an overhand chop. Deppen with one of his own. Deppen hits a flurry ending with a huge haymaker. Deppen and Janela end up on the bar! Deppen goes for a suplex but Janela blocks it...another slap to Janela's chest from Deppen. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER FROM JANELA ONTO THE APRON IN BETWEEN THE BAR! Both men are down.

Deppen kicks out of Janela's pin attempt. He climbs to the top...moonsault misses...Deppen climbs...Coup de Grace lands! Janela is out at two! Deppen pulls Janela to the center...he slowly climbs to the top rope again but he's in too much pain...Janela pulls out Deppen's legs! Draping DDT! Superkick! Deppen is out at one! Tombstone from Janela! Again Deppen escapes! Janela connects with a running thrust knee to the corner...he sets up Deppen on the top rope...Deppen baits Janela in...trapped superkick! Powerbomb! Janela fires back with a lariat! Modified dragon sleeper! Deppen escapes...both men are exhausted from the near finishes. Deppen goes for a package piledriver...Janela switches back into the Dragon sleeper right in the center! Deppen somehow rolls to the ropes. Muta lock from Janela...Deppen gets to his feet...standing double-stomp! He's fired up! Corner elbow...a second! He puts Janela on the top rope and joins him for a frankensteiner attempt...Janela picks him up in a torture rack...HE DROPS DEPPEN RIGHT ON HIS HEAD. It's over.

Joey Janela wins by pinfall

A "both these guys" chant. Janela grabs a microphone and says that it feels so good to compete with someone of Deppen's skill level following his knee-surgery that had him out of action for nearly six month. He asks to shake Deppen's hand, but Deppen spits on him and runs out.

That's the show friends.

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