TNA Sacrifice: Samuel Shaw Vs. Ken Anderson (Committed Match)

- Jeremy Borash is backstage in front of a padded van. Samuel Shaw appears and says he won't let himself get thrown into the van and be committed tonight. He dedicates this match to his mother Christy.

- We get a video looking at the Ken Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw feud with Christy Hemme.

Committed Match: Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson

We go to the ring and Samuel Shaw comes out. There is no ring announcing from Christy Hemme for this one. Ken Anderson is out next and he hits the ring without doing his own introduction from the ramp.

The bell rings and Shaw plays cat & mouse. Hemme is actually at ringside but didn't announce. Shaw grabs her and shoves her into Anderson. Shaw tries for a sucker punch but Anderson drops him. Anderson with right hands and a shot into the apron. Anderson brings it in the ring and keeps control. Anderson with a big press and a clothesline over the top rope. Anderson follows but Shaw pulls him face first into the apron. Shaw has words with the referee. Shaw charges and misses, ending up on the floor. Anderson follows and works him over on the floor.

Anderson tries to block Shaw's choke on the floor. Shaw gets it applied and Anderson starts to go out. Anderson gets choked out on the floor it appears. Hemme looks on concerned. Shaw stalks Hemme into the ring and grabs her hand. Hemme slaps him and leaves the ring. Anderson is back and unloads on Shaw in the ring. Shaw starts crawling up the ramp after Hemme. Anderson brings him back and slams him into the barrier. Anderson continues beating Shaw up on the ramp. Anderson goes for a Mic Check off the ramp but Shaw fights him off. Anderson with the senton on the ramp.

Anderson tells Shaw they're going for a little ride and they move to the side of the stage. Anderson grabs a steel chair and works Shaw over with it. Anderson whips Shaw into and through a part of the fan barrier. Anderson beats Shaw into the backstage area. We see JB prepping for an interview. Anderson tells JB to ask Shaw some questions. Anderson answers for Shaw and slams him onto a push cart. Anderson pushes the cart out of the building to the parking lot area. Anderson shoves the cart into a stack of cases and Shaw hits hard. Anderson checks out the padded van and Shaw nails him from behind. Hemme approaches and Shaw drops Anderson. Hemme flirts with Shaw and tells him it'll be ok. She knees him below the belt and the crowd cheers. Shaw turns around to Anderson. Anderson hits a Mic Check into the bumper of the van. Anderson tosses Shaw in and closes the van doors for the win.

Winner: Ken Anderson

- After the match, Hemme celebrates with Anderson as his music hits. Anderson and Hemme signal for the van to drive off and it leaves with Shaw in the back.


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